John Napier’s Tour

The brief:

Edinburgh Napier University decided to produce an app about the life and works of John Napier of Merchiston who was born in Merchiston Tower located on the university’s Merchiston campus. The reception area of the university will privide tablet devices to tourists and visitors who are interested in the history and inventions of John Napier, so they can find out historical information and are guided, as they wonder around the grounds.

What I did:

I conducted a field study to understand what types of people would be interested in finding out about John Napier by conducting semi structured interviews with members of the public visiting John Napier’s memorial site St Cuthbert’s  church at the west side of Edinburgh.

The interviews helped me to create two personas that were used to help envisage scenarios and features for tablet based John Napier Tour app. Enabling me to sketch a narrative storyboard and sketches showing my initial design for the app, including sketches of the user interface. I chose screens with features that were particularly important or imaginative.

I also annotated my sketches to show the intended interaction. The sketches are not designed to display artistic talent but instead to express ideas in order to gain feedback before creating the prototype.

Click on the image to view a large version:

Narrative storyboard

The outcome:

You can view the John Napier’s Tour prototype I developed using Just In Mind interactive wireframing and prototyping software. The final prototype included a treasure hunting game based around sites of interest to keep children occupied and engaged, allowing adults to enjoy the historical aspects of the visit.


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