My work

Here are some examples of my digital work and HCI research.

Pinterest report

Pinterest Usability Testing

The brief: To produce a report evaluating the user experience for new users opening an account and ‘pinning’ items for the first time using the UK Pinterest website What I did: I conducted a study made up of two parts – the heuristic evaluation and the cooperative evaluation reviewed with the aid of volunteers. Combined these…

Independence Day

Screen Engagement

The brief: This study looks for an answer to the question: Does screen size affect the degree to which viewers engage with a movie? What I did: I conducted an experiment where 60 volunteers were split into two groups of 30. Each group viewed the Independence Day Resurgence trailer before filling in the ‘Sense of Presence…

Food surplus

Pass It On App

The brief: To develop high fidelity wireframes for a new mobile app entitled ‘Pass It On’. Inspiration for the app came when a friend who worked for a sports clothing store was forced to shred perfectly good clothing and trainers. Placing them into a skip in order to make room for the new season’s stock. It…


The Digital Hand Illusion

The brief: This study looks for an answer to the question: Can people take ownership of a virtual limb which is not their own? Our ability to adopt foreign body parts, as being part of our own body whether physical or virtual is a curious phenomenon, like many aspects of self-consciousness. We instinctively understand our…

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