About me

I’ve worked as a Digital Consultant within the industry for over 20 years delivering large-scale complex online cloud services. Starting off life as a Database Developer and Web Designer in the mid-90s I quickly gravitated to web development and larger-scale projects for private global corporations and Government including RBS group, Transport for London, UK Government, and the Scottish Government.

I realised early on requirements alone don’t make for great services no matter how well-executed, even if you have all the right people and excellent project management. If the service hasn’t been developed for the needs of the people who will ultimately use it, or for the way they work day-to-day then it’s unlikely the service will provide the value intended for customers, employees or members of the public.

I’m primarily concerned with how technology or service feels for people. I explore many different approaches to solve the issues people experience. I try to ensure the user journey logically flows from one step to the next. One way I do this is by conducting user research and testing. By identifying verbal and non-verbal stumbling blocks, we can refine and iterate to create the ‘best’ user experience possible.

I’m passionate about creating a great user experience. Both for business stakeholders and end-users. I don’t see customers or business objectives as mutually exclusive, as both sets of needs are closely aligned even if it may not appear so at first glance. With an analytical, logical and pragmatic mind, I regularly get excited while analysing data and helping to uncover the human aspects of user behaviour behind the numbers and being able to infer the ‘Why?’.

Having spent well over two decades designing, developing and delivering large and often complex technical solutions for business stakeholders and customers I have in-depth knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. In order for your resources, time and money to be used effectively, I understand how, to leverage research data, and best practice to help end-user and ensure products or services can be shaped, improved and successful.

I now work as a Senior UX Consultant and Service Designer conducting workshops, providing UX training, and undertaking one-off discreet pieces of user research for business.

If you have an opportunity that you think may be of interest please get in touch.


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