My work

Here are some examples of my digital work and HCI research.

Pinterest report

Pinterest Usability Testing

The brief: To produce a report evaluating the user experience for new users opening an account and ‘pinning’ items for the first time using the UK Pinterest website What I did: I conducted a study made up of two parts – the heuristic evaluation and the cooperative evaluation reviewed with the aid of volunteers. Combined these…

Food surplus

Pass It On App

The brief: To develop high fidelity wireframes for a new mobile app entitled ‘Pass It On’. Inspiration for the app came when a friend who worked for a sports clothing store was forced to shred perfectly good clothing and trainers. Placing them into a skip in order to make room for the new season’s stock. It…


The Digital Hand Illusion

The brief: This study looks for an answer to the question: Can people take ownership of a virtual limb which is not their own? Our ability to adopt foreign body parts, as being part of our own body whether physical or virtual is a curious phenomenon, like many aspects of self-consciousness. We instinctively understand our…

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